Latest Computer 2010; 2010 World's Smallest Computer

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
Latest Computer 2010; Computer World's Smallest 2010Komputer latest 2010 turned out increasingly sophisticated and quality, ranging from a more flexible and luxurious, even the unique shape and the smallest in the world.
Here's the latest computer gadgets technology Information 2010.

1. PsiXpda is a pocket computer [pocket computer] latest model. Designed with a sleek design and luxurious, fully flexible form gayadengan high quality and more powerful.
This PC offers essential functionality, portability and availability of the necessary. Model Ultra Mobile Pocket Computer (UMPC) that once open to the top.

PsiXpda formed with high specifications, is one of the lightest and smallest Pocket Computer in the world. PsiXpda have outstanding high performance, beautiful design fully loaded with Microsoft Windows XP for business and entertainment on the move you, then you do not have to leave the business or work at your office, because this pocket computer can be brought in your pocket.

2. "Webstation Android First 7-inch tablet in the world"
version 1.5, browser and software
- Size 200 x 120 x 14.5mm, approximately 7-inch tablet
- Weight 390g
- LCD with 800 x 480 one-touch Android handset.
- WWAN built-in network connection 802.11b / g WiFi or 3G connection
- An external USB modem.
- Other specifications Marvell PXA303 processor (624MHz), 128MB RAM,
- Built-in 256MB flash memory, microSD slot (up to 16GB), USB port / USB host, built-in GPS, accelerometer,
- Microphone and speaker. Non-powered camera.
- U.S. $ 399

3. "Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 multi-touch world's smallest PC '
Overseas Fujitsu LifeBook U / LOOX U series of new models, LifeBook UH900 issue. Windows 7 multi-touch features a touchscreen.
- 5.6 inch WXGA screen
- Atom Z530 Processor
- 62GB SSD
- Built-in Bluetooth / WiFi / 3.5G WWAN
- Webcam and stereo microphone. "Long wallet size"
- Size 10.65cm x 20.4cm x 2.38cm
- Weight 500g.

Forms are thinner and lighter than ever. UH900 has multicolored Mocha Black, Fiery Red and Vintage Gold.
Latest Computer 2010, which will be coming soon and hoby2 complement your business, with a unique and increasingly sophisticated. sophisticated gadgets 2010 and smallest in the world.
Hopefully this latest technology information and increase knowledge useful for you.
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