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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
Indonesia is a country known for its good sporting value of sportsmanship, many achievements have been carved out and kept trying to carve. But there are still many constraints and obstacles in the implementation of sports in Indonesia, the main problem is about funding for sport. We take the example of football sport Indonesia, Indonesia is experiencing recent heyday in the world as his football, why not, a month ago at the end of 2010 Indonesia managed to get into the AFF Suzuki Cup finals, but have not managed to beat his rival, Malaysia national team. Now is the beginning of 2011 in internal Indonesian football, PSSI is experiencing conflict, namely the problem of legality in the arena football LPI (premier league Indonesia) that are considered illegal because it does not use funds from the budget and use funds from individual donors are able to live it. PSSI LPI also reported this event to the international football federation, FIFA, and as a result, FIFA will give strict punishment if the league is still ongoing. Actually, funding issues and the legality itself can be resolved internally by itself if PSSI PSSI able to provide solutions in the conflict, PSSI legalizing the league in Indonesia Indonesian super league, which the league is funded by local budgets. LPI was initiated by a wealthy businessman, Arifin Pandigoro arose as a result of kekecewaaan some people who are concerned with the football in Indonesia, the funds should be disbursed to Indonesian super league felt very little and limited support in the implementation of football in each region, should be taken from budget funds It is able to contribute more to the league, for the team and for the welfare of players. However, due to the politicization that occurred, the participation of the government parties, causing some things to be slower and less developed, from bureaucracy to the permit. If PSSI wise, he is able to become a facilitator and mediator between the central, regional and funders. The Government continued its program to provide funding from the budget and granting funding to participate in the league, so that funding is expected to become more leverage and the League was able to run without a hitch without conflict. But this is like holding and instead of government prohibits foreign funds from lenders to participate in running the program so there is disappointment and prejudice that is not good in the league run by the government to finally break down and become a big problem. PSSI should be clean again in a carry out any program, without the intervention of powerful people in government. PSSI is expected to become an independent institution but still heading in the regulations of the government. Sports is not a politicized event, but sport is a matter of national pride and sportsmanship in sports.
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